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5 Things to Know About Clinical Depression

woman feeling depressed

Google recently introduced an Artificial Intelligence platform, Gemini, to take over from its BARD system. Curious about its capabilities, I asked, “What health-related queries do people commonly search for on the web?” Gemini highlighted that inquiries about clinical depression rank among the most common health topics searched on the internet, closely following diet (specifically weight loss) […]

Drug prices in 2024

Drug prices in 2024

Complaints about the high prices of prescribed drugs in the US are a common theme in our conversations with customers. There is a great deal of frustration around the pricing of prescription medicines, understandably so.  This post highlights three of the most common areas of concern among health consumers regarding drug prices.  Why is there […]

Levels of anxiety grow in times of stress

metal health concept

There is a natural and quite normal link between the volume of news “from the front line” on TV and the levels of anxiety the population feels. Acts of kindness, stories of hope, or ‘top five most outstanding sunsets today’ rarely make headlines. How much more so, in times like these, where unprecedentedly dramatic events […]

Why do people ignore their prescriptions?

health care costs piggy bank

According to the US Federal government’s public data published in March 2023 on, more than one-third of Americans ignore their prescriptions or have not filled a prescription because of its cost. When a prescription is ignored, the consequences can be severe, impacting the health of the patient, their families, and the whole healthcare system. […]

Dealing with depression means understanding the causes

despondent woman sitting with her hands over her face

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a significant mental health challenge, and it requires special attention and training for a doctor to reach a diagnosis of clinical depression. It is the most common of several forms of depression and is often the most difficult to diagnose and treat. It has to be differentiated from the other […]

Your guide to compounded medications

Cheerful pharmacist working in a compounding pharmacy

It’s no secret that some, even many, lines of prescribed medication supply have encountered bottlenecks and breakdowns recently. This has led to shortages at the distribution point and caused many pharmacists to disappoint their patients holding the prescriptions unless the pharmacy has facilities to dispense compounded medications.  The problem was reported to Congress in May […]

How to recognize a legitimate online pharmacy

yellow and red pill resting on top of computer keyboard

Before we begin, a confession of bias. We are an online pharmacy that offers consumers worldwide what we believe are superior services in supplying legitimate pharmaceutical products for nearly eighteen years. But this isn’t a blog about why we’re the best out there (although we are happy to throw our hat in the ring). Rather, […]

Name that drug! The science behind drug names

name tag with bottle of bills on it

Businesses that market products of any kind to the general public are keenly aware that getting the right brand name can be a make-or-break step on the road to success. There’s the old story of one of the most famous marketing disasters in the automotive industry – the Ford Edsel. Until the mid-fifties, Ford was […]

There’s a promising new treatment for atopic dermatitis (eczema)

Person administering prescription hand cream

There’s a promising new treatment for atopic dermatitis (eczema), thanks to the recent development of a new line of pharmaceuticals known as Janus kinase inhibitors (or JAKi for short). Doctors are able to offer promising new treatments for many conditions that previously had few or no good solutions. 2022 – the year of JAKi (Janus […]

Now is the time to get your Prolia from IsraelPharm

If you are currently being treated for osteoporosis with Prolia, the February 2023 issue of the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine contained a study that could cause your healthcare provider to recommend a change to your medication. This article is very complex and is aimed at a professional audience, so we have […]


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