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Can Metformin be used for more than just diabetes?

doctor prescribing box of metformin medicine

Metformin has a long history as a substance with some medical value. It dates back even before its official recognition in 1918 for its ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Before any medical knowledge about diabetes, herbalists utilized a plant called Galega officinalis (also known as goat’s rue or French Lilac) to treat people who […]

Changes in insurance coverage for Ozempic

doctor showing Ozempic to patient

There’s been a rapid revolution in how U.S. insurers cover (or don’t cover) the cost of the newer type 2 diabetes medications like Ozempic and Mounjaro. In this short article, we offer a general overview of the highly volatile situation concerning insurance coverage for Ozempic. We aren’t trying to predict what could be happening for […]

Focus on SGLT2 inhibitors like Farxiga

Adult and child holding kidney shaped paper on textured blue background, world kidney day, National Organ Donor Day, concept

In August 2023, we published an in-depth article that focused on a significant improvement in the treatment of both heart and kidney diseases coming from the widespread introduction of new diabetes medications that are based on GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) receptor agonists (such as Ozempic, Semaglutide, and Mounjaro.) One of our readers posted a question as […]

Infection with COVID-19 can endanger the heart

Doctor's Hand Checking Blood Pressure

It was already known that people with pre-existing heart conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure) were more likely to suffer more severe symptoms if they became infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. A recent analysis of electronic medical records for more than 45,000 people found that the converse may also be true. Infection with COVID-19 […]

Heart Failure and Heat: A Recipe for Disaster


As summer wanes and temperatures moderate, our focus naturally moves from the unprecedented extreme temperatures that have created dangerous weather in so many parts of the country. As healthy as it is to move forward, it is important to remember some lessons learned – especially regarding how high temperatures can affect heart health and even […]

It’s too darn hot

extreme-heat-thermometer-measure over-40-degree-heat-wave

“Extreme weather with high winds” no longer automatically means snowy blizzards battering homes and schools and causing massive power blackouts. It can just as easily conjure up images of melting asphalt on the roads and power blackouts caused by surges in demand for electricity for cooling that the power companies can’t meet. This new weather […]

New (and improved) diabetes meds for heart and kidney disease


Often, in the world of medicine, progress is made in unexpected ways. Researchers sometimes find solutions to problems not by carefully planned experiments but by happy accidents. A prime example of this is in recent advancements in treating heart and kidney disease with new families of medications initially intended to treat people with type 2 […]

If it brings such great benefits, why do people stop taking Ozempic?

white dinner plate on yellow background, Red question mark in middle of plate

A natural question has arisen. “If it has such great benefits and is so popular, why do people stop taking Ozempic ?” Ozempic is considered a “wonder drug” out of all the treatments for type 2 diabetes, which has brought significant benefits to millions of people worldwide who develop type 2 diabetes, and caused shortages […]

Summertime safety tips

happy family on camping trip

As families and friends set out on their long-anticipated summer vacations to reap the benefits of hard work and good weather, it’s important to brush up on some basic summer safety tips to keep pleasure at a maximum and unwanted consequences at a minimum. Embracing the great outdoors: The resurgence of camping vacations among US […]


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