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Five common misbeliefs about COVID-19 and vaccines

Facts and Myths painted on road

Do people let false claims about health issues get in their way? It is quite disturbing to learn that reliable research into public attitudes toward health reveals substantial misconceptions and willingness to believe false claims about health issues as “the whole truth.” One of these research efforts was backed by the reputable organization KFF (derived […]

The Start-Up Nation’s Cure: A Look at Israeli Healthcare Technology Innovation

Israel flag. Israeli patriotism concept

As we approach Israel’s 76th birthday on May 15th, we can look back on some of the exceptional achievements made by the Start-up Nation in healthcare, science, and commerce, thanks to the work done here in Israel by universities, institutes, individual scientists, and companies. It’s no secret that Israel punches far above its weight regarding […]

World Obesity Week 2024

heart and measuring tape

As we have highlighted previously, World Obesity Week used to be scheduled in November each year. This year, by consensus of the many governmental and international bodies engaged in public health promotion, it has been moved to March, with the start of Obesity Care Week, which runs from the 4th to the 8th of March.  […]

News about health, medicines and treatments – January 2024

Jan 2024 pharma news round up

The start of 2024 brought exciting news about health, medicines and treatments. Here are three of the most interesting announcements that appeared on news websites in January: Hypertension A study published in one of the leading journals dealing with cardiology brought up some unexpected results. It seems that hypertension may be infectious, in the broadest […]


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