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    Sandimmune Neoral, Sandimmune Neoral Solution

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Ciclosporin is a type of medicine called an immunosuppressant. It works by dampening down the body’s immune system.

BrandSandimmune Neoral 100mg 50 Capsules 9077 Novartis390
Brand Sandimmune Neoral Solution 100mg/ml 1 Vial 9080Novartis 392
BrandSandimmune Neoral 25mg 50 Capsules 9078 Novartis 391
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Ciclosporin suppresses the immune system by preventing white blood cells called T lymphocytes from producing substances called lymphokines. Lymphokines normally stimulate the growth of T and B lymphocytes, which are white blood cells responsible for regulating and triggering immune responses. They provide defence against infection and foreign cells. By preventing the production of lymphokines, ciclosporin suppresses the action of T and B lymphocytes. This prevents certain immune responses from occurring – the immune system is suppressed.


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