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Lynparza is a PARP inhibitor for treating ovarian, breast, pancreatic, and prostate cancers.

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Lynparza (olaparib) is an advanced cancer drug that belongs to a class of medications called poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors. These drugs block a specific enzyme that helps repair damaged DNA in cancer cells. Without those enzymes, the precancerous cells can’t grow and spread. Lynparza is intended for patients with specific genetic mutations and offers targeted therapy for several types of cancer, such as ovarian, breast, pancreatic, and prostate cancers.


Women should avoid becoming pregnant while taking Lynparza. They should use effective methods of contraception while taking Lynparza and for one month after receiving the last dose. It is necessary to have a pregnancy test before starting Lynparza, at regular times during treatment and one month after receiving the last dose of Lynparza. Talk to the attending doctor immediately if there are any signs of having become pregnant. It is not known whether Lynparza passes into breast milk. Do not breastfeed while taking Lynparza and for one month after receiving the last dose. It is not known whether Lynparza passes into male semen. Men must use a condom when having sex with a female partner, even if she is pregnant, while taking Lynparza and for 3 months after taking the last dose. A female partner must also use a suitable method of contraception. Men must not donate sperm during treatment and for 3 months after taking the last dose.

How to Take Lynparza

Lynparza tablets should be swallowed whole, with or without food, twice daily—once in the morning and once in the evening. Do not chew, crush, dissolve, or split the tablets, as this can affect how the body absorbs the medication.


The doctor will specify the number of Lynparza tablets needed. The standard dose is 300 mg (two 150 mg tablets) taken twice daily, for a total of four tablets daily. Always follow instructions when taking Lynparza. If unsure about the dosage or how to take it, consult a doctor or pharmacist. Never exceed the recommended dose. In the case of accidental overdose or if a child swallows the medicine, immediately contact a doctor or go to a hospital emergency room. Bring the package of medicine for reference. If a dose of Lynparza is missed, avoid taking two doses. Instead, take the next regular dose at the usual time and seek advice from a healthcare provider. While undergoing treatment with Lynparza, avoid drinking grapefruit juice, as it can interfere with how the medication works. For more comprehensive information on drug interactions, visit Lynparza website or consult a healthcare provider.


Keep this medicine securely out of the reach and sight of children and infants to prevent accidental poisoning. Use the medicine before the expiry date indicated on the package, which is the last day of that month. Keep it in its original packaging to protect it from moisture. It doesn’t need special temperature conditions, so storing it at room temperature is fine.

How often will I need blood tests while taking Lynparza?

You will need blood tests before starting treatment, every month during the first year, and at regular intervals decided by your doctor thereafter.

Can I take Lynparza with other medications?

Lynparza may interact with several other medications. Always inform your doctor or pharmacist about any other drugs you are taking, including non-prescription medicines and supplements.

Why should I avoid grapefruit juice while on Lynparza?

Grapefruit juice can affect how Lynparza works in your body, potentially reducing its effectiveness.

This text is for informational purposes only. Please consult a doctor or pharmacist before using any medication. 

Read the information leaflet that comes with the medication.

Lynparza can cause some serious side effects due to the possibility of low red blood cell levels (anemia). Consult a healthcare provider if any of the following side effects are felt:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Pale skin
  • Fast heartbeat.

If after taking Lynparza a sudden allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) occurs, with symptoms like swelling of the face, tongue or throat making it difficult to breathe or swallow, or there is wheezing, hives, rash, blistering or peeling of the skin, call a doctor or 911 right away, or go to an emergency room at once.

Other common side effects include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, indigestion or heartburn, loss of appetite, headache, changes in taste, dizziness, cough, shortness of breath, or diarrhea. If these persists or worsens, consult a doctor immediately.



Ovarian Cancer: Lynparza is a treatment to help women with certain types of advanced ovarian cancer after they’ve done well with initial chemotherapy. It can also be used along with bevacizumab for patients with HRD-positive advanced ovarian cancer.

Breast Cancer: This medication treats metastatic breast cancer in women with BRCA mutations and who are  HER2-negative status. It is also indicated for high-risk early breast cancer patients with harmful gBRCAm mutations who have received chemotherapy before or after surgery.

Pancreatic Cancer: Lynparza is used as a maintenance treatment for men with gBRCAm metastatic pancreatic cancer, particularly if their disease hasn’t progressed after at least 16 weeks of first-line platinum-based chemotherapy.

Prostate Cancer: It is used in the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) in men with BRCA1/2 or ATM mutations who have not responded to previous treatments like enzalutamide or Zytiga.

  • What is Lynparza used for?
    Lynpraza targets particular enzymes in cancer cells, halting their growth. This medication is used to treat specific types of ovarian, breast, pancreatic, and prostate cancers.
  • What is someone's life expectancy on Lynparza ?
    Results from a trial presented at the European Society of Medical Oncology Congress in 2019 showed that patients treated with Lynparza had an average time of 22.1 months before their cancer progressed, compared to 16.6 months for those given a placebo.
  • Is Lynparza expensive?
    The cost of Lynparza varies based on the treatment plan, insurance coverage, pharmacy, and available savings programs. Lynparza is available from IsraelPharm less than half the price of other online pharmacies.
  • How successful is Lynparza?
    Lynparza has been shown to be highly effective. After a median follow-up of 3.4 years (41 months), it reduced the risk of disease progression or death by 70% compared to a placebo. Additionally, 61% of patients (158 out of 260) taking Lynparza were still alive and had no cancer growth or recurrence, compared to just 27% of patients (35 out of 131) on a placebo.

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