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U.S. Name: Multaq
Israeli Name: Multaq
Active Ingredient(s): Dronedarone
Brand Manufacturer: Sanofi-Aventis
Manufacturer Location: France
Multaq® (dronedarone) is an antiarrhythmic drug used to reduce the risk of hospital visits in people with a history of certain types of irregular heartbeat (paroxysmal or persistent atrial fibrillation).

This drug should not be used by individuals with permanent atrial fibrillation because of an increased risk of serious side effects.


This drug is used to treat arrythmia.

Israeli NameStrengthManufacturerSizePriceQty
Multaq400mgSanofi-AventisBrand60 Tablets$162.00
The FDA allows for the import of up to three months medications for personal use and a valid prescription is required in order to process your purchase of Multaq online.
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pharmacychecker approval
Israelpharm is PharmacyChecker Approved?

I get asked this question a lot. Rather, I get asked a slightly different question – WHY is Israelpharm NOT PharmacyChecker approved?

Let’s take a step back, to get a clearer picture. There are 3 organizations which can approve online pharmacies: impartial professional organization that supports the state boards of pharmacy in creating uniform regulations to protect public health.

Founded in 1904, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) is the impartial professional organization that supports the state boards of pharmacy in protecting public health. NABP aims to ensure the public’s health and safety through its pharmacist license transfer and pharmacist competence assessment programs, as well as through its VIPPS, Vet-VIPPS, VAWD, and DMEPOS accreditation programs.

PharmacyChecker is a private LLC. It was founded by the company – which checks the quality of vitamins and supplement, and its primary purpose is to direct consumers toward online pharmacies offering the cheapest alternatives for their needs.

So, now on to the reason why we can’t get accreditation from these bodies.

The NABP is an American organization which approves only those pharmacies that operate inside its domain, and is aligned primarily toward traditional pharmacies. While that is a good concept, it defeats the basic idea on which the Internet is built – that the physical location is not itself important. The whole idea behind internet pharmacies is allowing access to medications that are better priced than those prices offered “over-the-counter” at home. But the NABP will never grant a license for operation from of Israel, for example.
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