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What We Know About the Obesity Epidemic

Person in red short with overweight stomach

Over the last 50 years, global obesity rates have reached such alarming levels that words like “obesity epidemic” and even “pandemic” are being used by respected journals and international bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO) as they try to raise awareness in the public and healthcare sectors. According to the World Health Organization, there […]

Treatments for inherited high cholesterol (Familial Hypercholesterolemia)

Cholesterol test

As people become more aware of the potentially harmful effects of high-fat food and high cholesterol levels on their health, there is a general feeling that it’s all to do with self-control and willpower and that anyone diagnosed with elevated cholesterol must be doing something wrong that they should fix. However, some people are born […]

If it brings such great benefits, why do people stop taking Ozempic?

white dinner plate on yellow background, Red question mark in middle of plate

A natural question has arisen. “If it has such great benefits and is so popular, why do people stop taking Ozempic ?” Ozempic is considered a “wonder drug” out of all the treatments for type 2 diabetes, which has brought significant benefits to millions of people worldwide who develop type 2 diabetes, and caused shortages […]

Why is Ozempic so expensive?

Piggy bank with a bandage on it

There is a widely-held public view that drug companies and pharmacies in the US gouge the public relentlessly without care for the public good or ethics. From that perspective, the complaint is that the only thing that matters to the companies is their bank balances. One of the unfortunate targets of this prevailing thinking is […]

Good News about Semaglutide Side Effects

slim woman showing oversized jeans

Examining the STEP 1 (Semaglutide Treatment Effect in People) trials for weight loss provides answers to many questions about this trending subject. With many companies in the pharmaceutical industry bustling to secure their place in what may well become a prominent drug market segment, understanding these trials becomes vital. The STEP 1 trials for weight […]

Riding the Ozempic weight-loss tsunami

woman stepping onto a scale with measuring tape on the floor

The internet is exploding with torrents of content about the drug Ozempic. Launched initially in 2017 as a radically new treatment for type 2 diabetes, it has been touted as the ‘miracle cure’ for weight loss. As always, among the praise, there’s plenty of negative chatter on social media towards Ozempic – mostly directed towards […]

Metformin is getting good results when prescribed for weight loss

Metformin has been regularly prescribed as a first-line oral medication for type 2 diabetes, primarily for people who are overweight. Usually, a doctor will prescribe it when diet and exercise have failed to control a patient’s blood sugar, but the sugar levels don’t yet require more active intervention like injections. Sometimes, it is also used […]

What are the side effects of semaglutide in Ozempic or Rybelsus?

Semaglutide is one of the ‘wonder drugs’ that revolutionized the treatment of adults suffering from Type 2 diabetes and then went on to become a popular option for patients looking to lose weight. Semaglutide is one of the treatments for type 2 diabetes known as a glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist. “Agonist” means that […]

News coming out of November’s Obesity Week

The opening week of November saw a flood of news regarding progress that has been made in the fight against obesity. Some of the discussions concerned social and economic changes that the gathering of specialists in this area is calling for, and many more items dealt with progress that has been made, and is now […]


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