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buy Synthroid online
U.S. Name: Synthroid
Israeli Name: Synthroid
Active Ingredient(s): Levothyroxine
Brand Manufacturer: Abbott
Manufacturer Location: Ireland
Synthroid is in stock - Please read special notice below.

Synthroid is used to replace the naturally produced thyroid hormone thyroxin - to treat and manage various thyroid related disorders.
Similar drugs in this category include Sensipar, Methimazole


Synthroid is in stock - Please read special notice below. Synthroid is a synthetic form of the thyroid hormone thyroxine.

Synthroid100mcgAbbottBrand90 Tablets$22.00
Synthroid50mcgAbbottBrand90 Tablets$16.50
A valid prescription is required to buy Synthroid online. does not sell prescription medication within Israel.
In accordance with the Israeli Ministry of Health guidelines, we would like to inform you that these Synthroid tablets were manufactured at a new production site, by the same manufacturer and with the same composition as the tablets marketed from the previous production site by Abbott Medical Laboratories Ltd.
Extra caution should be taken with hormonal products, and therefore monitoring and balancing is required.
Please contact your attending physician (family physician and/or endocrinologist – whoever is most available) for an immediate follow-up.
Synthroid will be marketed in a resealable bag and a label indicating a new production site for one year.
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