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Vitamins and minerals are essential components of our diet, and sometimes we need to supplement minerals and vitamins in small amounts.
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US NameIsraeli NameChemical
Acti-PlusActiplus SprayZinc/Propolis/Vitamin C
Acti-PlusActiplus TabletsZinc/Propolis/Vitamin C
B Neurol KosherB NeurolVit B-6, B-1, B-12
CalmanervinCalma DayPassiflora and Valerian roots
CalmanervinCalma NightPassiflora and Valerian roots
CalmanervinCalmanervinPassiflora and Valerian roots
Chizukit ForteChizukit Forte-
Chizukit ForteChizukit Fruit Syrup-
ClimexSupherb ClimexMixture Of Herbal Ingredients
CyanocobalaminBedodekaVitamin B12
Defender PlusDefender PlusA Natural Immune Booster
Flora Q2 - ProbioticsHadas ProbioticsProbiotics
Magnesium SulphateMagnesium SulphateMagnesium Sulphate
MetanxB CardFolic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12
MycoFormulas EnduranceMycoFormulas Endurance3 medicinal mushrooms
MycoFormulas ImmuneMycoFormulas Immune10 Medical Mushroom
MycoFormulas MemoryMycoFormulas Memory4 medicinal mushrooms
NiacinNon Flash Niacin NfnNiacin
R95R95 Dr Rekevic Formula 95
Rafael Bountiful MilkRafael Chalav RavChalav Rav
Rafael Hot And Cold Pads For EngorgementRafael Hot & Cold PadsRaf2
Rafael Raspberry Leaf TinctureRafael Raspberry Tincture-
Solgar Multi MaleSolgar Multimale-
VayarinZoom Double PackLipirinen
Vitamin CVitamin CVitamin C
Vitamin CVitamin C ChewableVitamin C
Vitamin DVitamin DVitamin D
Vitamin D DropsVitamin D 1000Vitamin D3
Vitamin D DropsVitamin D DropsVitamin D3
VItamin EEvigelVitamin E (tocopherol)
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