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Skin Conditions

Skin conditions can be caused by bacterial, fungal, viral, or inflammation of the skin. Some medications on this list may be used for other conditions.
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US NameIsraeli NameChemical
AldaraAldara (12 Sachets)Imiquimod
AntrolinAntrolin 30GNifedipine and Lidocaine
BetacortenBetacorten CreamBetamethasone 0.1%
BetacortenBetacorten OintmentBetamethasone 0.1%
DaktarinPitrion Miconazole
Dovonex OintmentDaivobet OintmentCalcipotriol
Efudix, EfudexEfudix CreamFlourouracil
EloconElocom CreamMometosone F
EloconElocom LotionMometosone F
EloconElocom OintmentMometosone F
EmlaEmlaLidocaine and Prilocaine
EmlaPrilidanLidocaine and Prilocaine
Finacea - AzelexSkinodermAzelaic Acid
Hydrocortizone CreamLanacort CreamHydrocortizone
LamisilLamisil CreamTerbinafine
LamisilTerbinafine TevaTerbinafine
Leshcutan OintmentLeshcutan Paromomycin 15%, Methylbenzethonium Chlor. 12%
LotrisoneClotrisone 15GClotrimazole - Betamethasone
NizoralNizoral CreamKetoconazole
NizoralNizoral ShampooKetoconazole
OracortOracortTriamcinolone Acetate
OracortOracort ETriamcinolone Acetate
PenlacBatrafan Nail LacquerCiclopirox
Rafael Nursing Mothers OintmentRafael Nursing OintmentRaf3
Rafael Pure Hypoallergenic LanolinRafael Pure Lanolin-
Selsun ShampooSebosel ShampooSelenium Sulfide
SilvadeneSilverol 100G CreamSilver Sulfadine
SilvadeneSilverol 50G CreamSilver Sulfadine
TazoracZorac GelTazarotine
Temovate , OluxDermovate 30GClobetasol Proprionate
Temovate , OluxDermovate ScalpClobetasol Proprionate
TopisalenTopisalen Flumethasone Pivalate 0.02%, Salicylic Acid 3%.
Vaniqa CreamVaniqa CreamEflornithine 13.9%
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